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Winning a battle, Losing the War !

Sure, they teach us about science of sex, validity of marriages, and Romeo and Juliet in schools and colleges. Sure, the internet is an enormous space full of good, happy relationship quotes and love advises all over. But no school, no college, no internet ever tells us how NOT to be that toxic boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife. We have weekly magazines and tabloids giving pro-tips about being everything, from a good person to a good wife, but nobody ever comes down to actually speaking about how to deal with the fire and ice of relationships. 

Men and women have grown into objectifying each other to the point that they eventually start seeing the other as an asset rather than considering each other as their support systems. However, most people often find themselves clinging to such relationships, mostly because of the familiarity of the outcomes. The conventional methods of adjusting in a toxic, unhealthy relationship have been practiced all across the world since forever.  We never move away from such companions because we are too scared to lose a partner, too scared to stay alone, too scared to let go or too scared to take a stand for ourselves when the red flags first occur.

There are no AA or NA sessions that can tell you when to step up and set some rules about how you ought to be treated. 

So, dear, let me tell you. Love might be magical, but it has a fierce way of keeping us chained to the people who hurt us. 

But loving someone who does not appreciate you is not romantic, poetic or beautiful at all. 

Here’s what is beautiful – Moving on !

With every heart-break, you leave a piece of you with the other person, and you will never get it back. But darling, nobody said letting go was easy; happy is the heart that feels the pain. Let go! Realize your worth, and love yourself. 

Being in a relationship can be a glorious experience only when your partner realizes your worth. There are always clear signals to when your relationship can either make it or break it. Look for them!

Mend it, only if it’s worth it; else move on, because – Darling, you’re the Sunshine on a Rainy Day and you deserve the best !

CRY if you may, because you might have just lost the war to that Toxic LOVER, but you’ve just won a major battle for yourself; cherish it, because you fall to the dirt only to rise and shine bright like a diamond. 



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